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TappCoder is a software development company focused on mobile solutions. We make apps for iPhone and Android.
Our company was founded in 2009 by a group of professionals with an extensive experience in software development and IT services. With hundreds of apps to our credit, we are always using cutting edge technology, this is indeed a team you can depend on.

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  • Discover and download our smartphone applications. We have many and you gonna like them.

Our apps will assist you:

Facing everyday issues: Find places with Nearby Guides, control your travel expenses with CashConverter, don´t get lost in NYC with the offline map app, transfer your photos to your pc , and many more apps that allows you to make useful operations and searchs.

Enjoying life: Amuse yourself with Best Jokes and sarcastic and funny quotes; find help facing issues and problems learning How to Be Confident and using our Self- Improvement Technique; take care of your health putting in practice our sleep tips, relaxation techniques, and simple ways to reduce stress; find motivation with the Creative Visualization Technique and by focusing on Positive Thinking , improve your relationships by learning the Method to Have a Healthy Relationship; and many more topics of your interest.

Sharing your ideas and experiences: All the apps of content allow you to share ideas, appointments, phrases, or thoughts with your friends and acquaintances. Use the social section of Jokes or Love Quotes to share quotes and jokes of your authorship.

We develop not only functional solutions but also we elaborate contents on the human topics that more are of interest and help our users.